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Pricing, per round

$12 – 12 years of age and up

$9 – Under 12 years of age, 62 years of age and up, Veterans

Can Can Wonderland is a mini golf course. We didn’t design it though. We asked the mini golf enthusiasts of the world to do that. We sent out a call for artists asking “What is the mini golf hole you have always wanted to play?” We received over 200 proposals from all over the country and as far away as Australia. A jury of talented architects, visual artists, fabricators, and electrical engineers helped us select the 18 mini golf holes to be built for our course, and we believe they are spectacular!

Mini Golf Holes

Hole 1: State Fair

Artist Info: Design by Julia Hinds, Fabricated by Sam Pitmon, Mark Sigerson, Nells Rotchstein, Jud Kilgore, Carly Beseman, Stephen Rife, Brian Peterson, Walter Schultz

Artist Statement: I love playing games, and I love designing them even more. I started my career creating games on the back of cereal boxes, and I’m thrilled to see an idea like this come to life.

Hole 2: Loopty Loop Madness

Artist Info: Design by Colin Weingart, Fabricated by Primitive Precision

Artist Statement: This hole’s main obstacle is the loopty loop which launches the ball over water. If the shot is timed right, the ball may just make it into the hole. I’d like to thank my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Graves, for encouraging us to design and create mini golf holes.

Hole 3: Natural Disaster

Artist Info: Design by Ame Caldwell-Dass and Bryce Bonine, Fabricated by Retrofit LLC

Artist Statement: This hole consists of multiple real life events that disturb the places all around us. Good luck. A special thanks to Mrs. Graves for all of her help in the classroom to design this hole.

Hole 4: Squirrel Scrambler

Artist Info: Designed and fabricated by Eli Libson and Ben McMullan

Artist Statement: This is a whimsical hole inspired by nature. The intent of this design is to let nature and luck lead you to the tee.

Hole 5: Wonderwall

Artist Info: Design by AIGA@UMN 2015, Kevin Vi, Brad Tuominen, Christina Maher, Anna Courchaine, & Kyle Armstrong, Fabricated by Retrofit LLC

Artist Statement: AIGA@UMN designed Wonderwall utilizing a flowing waterfall to obstruct the view of players where the wall is the only barrier. We wanted to create something that was simple and relaxing.

Hole 6: Catchin’ a Wave

Artist Info: Design by Cecilia Schiller, Fabricated by Cecilia Schiller and Clara Schiller

Artist Statement: I’m fascinated by things that move so it was important to me that this hole has a kinetic feature.  With “Catchin’ a Wave”, I wanted to create the feeling of playing on the beach and having your ball scooped up and carried away on the rip tide.  In this case it’s heading on a journey, but you’ll meet up again soon.

Hole 7: Blue Toad

Artist Info: Design by Andree Tracey, Fabricated by Naomi Austin, Nance Derby Davidson, Stephen Rife, & Cali Mastny

Artist Statement: I was a lucky child – my father designed, built and operated an outdoor miniature golf course in Sioux City, Iowa in the fifties. It was a recipe for happiness, not just for me but for the entire town. In the thirty-five years that followed it’s inception, people of all ages embraced it as a place to escape daily life with an hour of fun with family and friends. When I designed Blue Toad, I had this memory in mind. I hope the humor and fantasy of a giant fairy tale toad will amuse children and give adults an excuse to be a child again.

Hole 8: The Comet

Artist Info: Design by Luke Lyons, Fabricated by Primitive Precision

Artist Statement: A true feat of metal work, this hole features a nine foot Archimedes screw that carries your ball up to a launch ramp then hurls it at comet-like speeds towards the hole.

Hole 9: Do a Flip!

Artist Info: Designed and Fabricated by Graham Smith

Artist Statement: Do a Flip is a 10 foot tall loop that takes more power than finesse. Or is it the other way around?

Hole 10: Hot Tub Time Machine

Artist Info: Designed and Fabricated by House of Thune Studios (Dusty Thune, Rick Tschida, Tiffany Payne, Behtsee Millman, Jen DeForest, and Tom Carney)

Artist Statement: 20,000 years ago two Mastodons embarked on an adventure that would take them to a whole new world in which danger and trouble seemed to lurk behind every shadow. Luckily for the pair, they found a sweet hot spring of tar-sands to blow off steam and relax!

(Some say the pink Mastodon still likes to party on special occasions…)

The Hot Tub Time Machine challenges even the most skilled and patient golfer due to its inhabitants’ indecisiveness. Aim for the bunghole and let er’ rip, you’ll know soon enough if your shot rang true!

Hole 11: No, that’s not my trick Michael. It’s my illusion!

Artist Info: Design by Wes Winship, Fabricated by Wes WinshipBrian Peterson, Stephen Rife, Christi Atkinson, Jeanette Matter

Artist Statement: In the path of mini golf, it’s a putt of faith.

Hole 12: Music Mountain

Artist Info: Design by Jason Quick, Fabricated by Jason Quick, Alex Olsen, Sam Pitmon, Alan Skamser-O’Neil, Peter Tawfick, Jade Townsend, Levi Houkom. Mural art piece by Rock “Cyfi” Martinez

Artist Statement: Launch up a 16-foot mountain and follow your ball as it travels through a musical array of piano parts, xylophones, and gongs to make a joyful racket before hitting the green.

Hole 13: American Zen

Artist Info: Design by Milo Mietzner, M-Scape Design. Fabricated by Milo Mietzner, Voldee Morris, Peter Schulze, Chris Pennington, Brian Peterson, Stephen Rife, Jade Townsend, Walter Schultz

Artist Statement: Featuring the tree sculpture, “American Zen,” displayed as a Chinese landscape penjing, bonsai’s older cousin.

Hole 14: Pirot Kilim

Artist Info: Designed and Fabricated by Zoran Mojsilov

Artist Statement: Inspired by ancient designs of the Pirot Kilim rugs woven in his ancestral village in Serbia, Zoran has translated rug imagery into carved and stained wood sculptures. Many of the rug patterns date to the Middle Ages. Mojsilov has reinterpreted them in three dimensions while retaining their ancient associations with marriage, childbirth and other life passages.

Hole 15: Gramma’s Living Room

Artist Info: Designed and Fabricated by Sarah Stone

Artist Statement: Journey back in time to that space where all the exotic vacation souvenirs, schmaltzy records albums, drugstore romance novels, and fancy mail-order collectibles were irresistibly off-limits.

Hole 16: You Gotta Have Heart

Artist Info: Design by Eric Fetrow, Fabricated by Matt Carlyle. Tin Man designed and built by Dale Lewis

Artist Statement: As a tribute to the building’s history of being a canning factory, this hole uses a simple everyday object as raw material for its inspiration.  This hole is about taking the ordinary metal drum and showcasing it in an unexpected way, as an art form.

Hole 17: Grand Slam

Artist Info: Design by Jim Defeo, Fabricated by David Pitman and Jeff Corniea. Murals by John Grider

Artist Statement: As a former caddy, now’s the time to unwind. We all need multiple choices so choose the putter that will work for you. You’re the greatest!

Hole 18: The Mini Golf Hole Formerly Known As the World’s Longest Hole

Artist Info: Design by Than Tibbetts, Fabricated by Tonya Preston, Brian Peterson, David Bryan, and Zeb Hults

Artist Statement: This hole is very long. It is also very straight. Putt wisely.