fun land machine

Fun Land

Type: Pinball

Year: 1968

Maker: D Gottlieb & Co.

Players: 1 player

Theme: Carnival Games

A classic Gottlieb 1960s Wedgehead, Fun Land is a brightly colored game with an amusement park boardwalk theme and a playfield that’s equally interesting and challenging. The backglass depicts a pretty girl shooting at targets at the boardwalk arcade, and the cabinet includes brightly colored flags reminiscent of those used at carnivals.

The challenge is that as you play, the lighted arrow moves based on the ball striking the three well-placed pop-bumpers or the two duck spinners, which means you’re chasing the Special often! The game also has 10 “shooting gallery” rollovers/targets. Hitting all 10 targets re-lights one of 10 numbers for the Special score.

How to play: The object of this pin is to hit targets 1-10 to win the free game!