Can Can Wonderland's Annual New Year's Eve Party!

🎉 Step into the extraordinary at Can Can Wonderland and make your New Year's Eve a night to remember! 🎊

🕚 Time: Start the celebrations early with doors opening at 11 am on Sunday, December 31st. We're keeping the party alive until 1 am, providing you with a day-long carnival of excitement to usher in the new year.

🚨 Age Restriction: While we welcome all ages during the day, after 7 pm, Can Can Wonderland transforms into an exclusive 21+ playground for the grown-ups.

⛳ Golf and Entry Fees: Our one-of-a-kind golf adventure and entry fees are pay per usual, ensuring you can enjoy the whimsical wonders of Can Can Wonderland throughout the day.

🎶 Music Showcase: The Red Room Stage comes alive at 8:30 pm with a variety music showcase featuring The Real Chuck Norad, Dystopian Dispatch, Clidesfeld, and the captivating Mr. Rogers and The Make Believe Friends. Dance your way into the new year with an eclectic mix of tunes.

💃 Rave on the Reef Stage: Immerse yourself in the beats of Color In Reverse from 9 pm to 11 pm at our electrifying rave on the Reef Stage. It's the ultimate prelude to an unforgettable countdown.

✨ Glitter Bar: Bedazzle your face and add a touch of glamour at our Glitter Bar near hole 18. Sparkle as you step into 2024!

🔮 Tarot Readings: Wondering what the new year holds for you? Seek insights from our tarot reader and embark on the journey into 2024 with newfound wisdom~

🎉 Midnight Extravaganza: Witness a surprise ball drop at midnight, marking the beginning of a new chapter. Toast to the future with a complimentary champagne pour, making the moment even more special.

Mark your calendar now for the ultimate New Year's Eve bash at Can Can Wonderland! It's an adventure like no other - where golf, music, and magic collide to create memories that will last a lifetime. 🥂🎆