golf course

It's always par-tee time at our artist-designed course.

Mini Golf is a separate fee of $13 - $15 to play the 18-hole course. Set your tee time upon arrival.

There's simply no place like Can Can. When we were first dreaming up this one-of-a-kind destination, we went straight to the source. We asked mini golf enthusiasts throughout the world one question: "What mini golf hole have you always wanted to play?" Over 200 people submitted their dreams and ideas. Then we began building the award-winning 18-hole course we have today! Our talented community of local friends — artists, engineers, architects, fabricators, welders, and other creatives made this all come to life. We invite you to experience this immersive, arts-driven mini golf course – the centerpiece of our 35,000 square-foot smorgasbord of amusements and diversions. Like everything we do, it's boldly welcoming, creatively inspired, slightly cheeky, and full of opportunities for quirky fun. When you call your place a wonderland, you can't mess around!

Check out our trio of arcade areas to discover a collection that includes electro-mechanical devices, blacklight, and neon games, vintage pinball, and electronic video machines. Come test your skills, challenge your friends, and find your favorites. It's all part of the magical retro futuristic fiesta of fun that is the Can Can experience.